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  • Current Licensed Contractors

Licensed Contractors are contractors that are approved to perform sanitary sewer and water connections.  Approval is based on submitting Worker’s Compensation Certificate, Licensed Contractor’s Bond, insurance requirements, and Contractor’s License Fee.  Click on the link below to view the list of Current Licensed Contractors.

Current Licensed Contractors


  • Licensed Contractor’s Handbook

The Licensed Contractor’s Handbook contains the Regulations, Specifications and Drawings that are to be utilized by contractors performing sanitary sewer and water connections.  Click on the link below to view the Licensed Contractor’s Handbook.

Licensed Contractor’s Handbook 


  • Application for Contractor’s License

Contractors that desire to become licensed with the County or to continue to be licensed must fill out the application and submit the required information

Application for Contractor’s License 


  • Licensed Contractor’s Bond

Licensed Contractor’s Bond is required to become a Licensed Contractor.  Some insurance institutions have their own bond form that can be utilized,

Licensed Contractor’s Bond 


  • Licensed Contractor’s Certification

Licensed Contractor’s Certification is to be filled out by the Licensed Contractor upon completion of a sanitary sewer or water connection.

Licensed Contractor’s Certification